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Labor Saver Set to Master Set Upgrade

Labor Saver Set to Master Set Upgrade

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Turn your Labor Saver set into a Master Set with this Upgrade set!

If you have previously purchased a Labor Saver set, now you can purchase this "upgrade" set to turn your Labor Saver into a Master Set.

This is a Blue Block set. All bases of the New blue blocks are now 3/16" (4.78mm) thick, previously only Rigid blocks had this thick base.

The Labor Saver Set to Master Set Upgrade includes 7 blocks:

  • 8" Rigid block
  • 18" Ultra Flex block
  • 24" Rigid block
  • 24" Ultra flex block
  • 32" Rigid block
  • 32" Flex block
  • 32" Ultra flex block

  • 7 Block Kit
  • All Blue Blocks
  • High strength Polycarbonate
  • CNC cut and Routered
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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