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MELOMOTIVE Intergrip panel clamps

MELOMOTIVE Intergrip panel clamps

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Position flat or curved panels for precision butt welds with these innovative tools.

Designed to precisely align panels edge-to-edge with a minimal gap for perfect butt welding. The anodized aluminium clamp draws tight a removable draw bar through the 0.40” thick spacing plate from the backside of the sheet. The result is a clean weld requiring little grinding.

These are the highest quality butt weld clamps available. Main body is CNC cut from aluminium extrusion and anodized for durability. Individual components are chrome plated to prevent rust.

  • Perfect for sheet metal fabrication and custom panel work.
  • A simple and efficient way of ensuring a perfect welded butt joint.
  • Holds panels edge to edge with almost no gap, allowing full penetration of the weld.
  • Patented level adjustment allows accurate joining of dissimilar thickness of materials.
  • Level adjustment allows flat alignment of top or bottom surface of panels.
  • Level adjusts between 0 and 3mm either side.
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